Epoxy Floor Coating Option for Plano, TX

Your garage can serve all kinds of purposes. For some, it’s the perfect place to get away from the day’s worries and work on a project. For others, it has enough space to store the tools or equipment you have. However you use your garage, you should have the right flooring, storage, and accessories to maximize the space’s effectiveness. That’s where Hello Garage comes in.

We offer a high-quality epoxy flooring alternative, customizable garage storage, and garage accessories to give you the best space possible for your Plano, TX, garage.

What Is Our Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative?

We offer a polyaspartic floor coating that is nearly as strong as granite for your garage floors. This coating won’t peel, flake, or yellow over time; it won’t be damaged by UV light, chemical spills, or hot tires; and it cures faster than a typical epoxy coating. Plus, we’re so confident in our flooring coat that we offer a lifetime warranty on each installation.

What Else Do We Do?

Hello Garage doesn’t only offer the best flooring around, however. We can also provide customized storage solutions for your garage. Whether you want new cabinets, shelving, workbenches, or a mixture of them all, we can help. And to top everything off, our slatwall accessory will create the perfect work space for you.

Contact us today at 1-888-59-GARAGE for help in Plano, TX.