Hello Garage Accessories

We’ve got the perfect finishing touches for your dream garage.

Garage Accessories

It’s the little things that make life special, right? That’s certainly true when it comes to making your dream garage. Because it’s the accessories that personalize it, tailoring your garage space to your unique needs.

That’s why our obsessive garage nerds (A.K.A. our engineering department) spends so much of their time tracking down the best garage accessories to make them available to our customers. And if they don’t exist, they design and build them from scratch! So, if you want to take your garage to the ultimate level, schedule a free estimate with your local Garage Guru to get the ball rolling!

InstaVac™ Vacuum by Hello Garage

Once you’ve got your garage dialed in and just right, you’re not just going to want to use it every day — you’re also going to want to show it off. And that means keeping every nook and cranny of your sparkling new garage clean. So, of course we’ve got you covered in that department, too!

The powerful, efficient InstaVac system is ready when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. Ergonomic and convenient, the system comes with a number of accessories that will make just about any dry cleanup job a breeze. And when you’re done, the hose retracts automatically, ready for the next job. How cool is that!